Project Assistant to produce manual for Finance & Admin

Closing date : 15 October 2009


is seeking qualified candidates for the position *Project Assistant to
produce manual for Finance & Admin*. The purpose is a support role within
the Finance and Admin Department based at the offices of IRCS in Banda Aceh.
This short term role reports to, and provides direct support to, the Finance
& Administration Delegate and is part of the overall Delegation Finance and
Administration Team. This is a fixed term position based in the Banda Aceh.
The main areas of responsibility are support to financial and administration
projects that are expected to occur during the exit phases of the Indonesia
*Key tasks and responsibilities *

· Construction of the Level 2 Finance & Administration Manual – this
requires the logical consolidation of all policies, forms and practices from
three Delegations into a electronic toolkit/library with full indexing and
logical framework.

· Assist in the preparation of the external audit scheduled for October

· Assist in Database review in the Irish Project

· Assist in the archiving and shipping of Finance & Administration/Delegation records.

· Oversee with the records management officer the production of a
document portal comprising of key scanned documents

· Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time


1. ** University Degree or equivalent in Finance/Business Studies
2. *1-2 years experience in a similar role / production of a manual*
3. ***Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English. *
4. Strong computer skills in MS Office, Internet applications and
Database software skills.

Applicants who are interested in this position should submit a recent
photograph, current salary and salary expectations for this position along
with your CV.

Applications should be received not later than *Thu, October 15 2009***

Applications should be sent to:

Irish Red Cross – Indonesian

Attention: HR Officer

IFRC Banda Aceh Office

Jl.Ajuen Jeumpet No. 18 B

Desa Ajuen Jeumpet

Kec.Darul Imarah, Aceh Besar

Or by email to


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