Partnership Auditor (Code: PA)

An International Christian Ministry for Children
Development, is seeking for highly motivated and experienced national
staff to be based in Bandung Field Office, for the position below

Partnership Auditor (Code: PA)

Job Summary
The Partnership Auditor assists the Partnership Auditor Lead in the
pursuit of partnership and beneficiary outcomes through on-site and
remote audits of partner entities.

Core Duties and Responsibilities
1. Working within one’s influence, serves as an advocate for
children around the world who live in poverty and are not able to speak
out for themselves. This includes being informed about the issues of
children and influencing others to care about children who are in need.

2. Conducts audits on partnerships and programs against
documented standards in field manuals (PFM, PCFM, FOM)
* Travels to Partnership sites to conduct audits.
* Impliments risk assesment systems and audit techniques that are
consistant with requirments and standards
* Audits on a full range of manual standards ; (i.e. management,
operational, staffing, legal, planning, procedural, and financial
* Uses a facilitative approach in conducting all partnership and
project audits.
* Cordinates travel and audit schedule with appropriate Program
Implementation and Ministry Services staff
* Provides required domumentation and information for local
partnership and project audits

3. Provides regular reports and insights to Partnership Auditor
Team Lead on partnership and program audit findings
* Raises awarness of complience shortfalls and concerns based on
audit results.
* Brings attention to specific areas of risk based on audit
* Provides insights and analysis of specific areas to address as
a result of the audit results.

4.Seeks advice, support and training from Partnerhsip Auditor
Team Lead to improve performance quality and effectiveness

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
1. Country appropriate level of Accounting, Auditing or
Business Management education.
2. Minimum of five years experience in accounting or auditing.

3. Knowledge of personal computers using Microsoft Office for
operational management, including Microsoft products.
4. Leadership and developmental skills that will facilitate staff
development and direction for auditing process.
5. Sound judgment and analytical skills.
6. Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information delicately
and appropriately.
7. Excellent interpersonal skills and both local language and English
communication skills (verbal and written) for relating effectively
with country office, project staff and Corporate Audit department.
8. Able to travel up to 50% and work within a flexible work schedule.
9. Knowledge and experience of relevant local laws.

Working Conditions
Ability and willingness to travel to remote or difficult places. May be
required to travel to potentially insecure regions.

The above statements are intended to describe the essential functions of
this job. It may be necessary for a person to perform other tasks as

How to Apply:

Please put your current and expected salary & benefits in the CV then
send ‘only’ your application letter & CV to HRD email: <>
Please put the code of position and your location
applied in the subject of your e-mail (for example : PA – Jakarta) and
please do not send any document of more than 1 MB.


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