International Organization for Migration (IOM) Jakarta is looking for a
Consultant  – Court of Women on Trafficking and HIV: From Vulnerability
to Free, Just and Safe Movement, according to the terms of reference
below. Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications to <>  not later than 24
September 2009 indicating the reference code below as subject. All
candidates are requested to specify their availability date in the
application form. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be

Reference No                 :          SVN/ID10/2009/067

Position Title                :          Consultant

Duty Station                 :          Jakarta, Indonesia

Duration of contract      :          Six weeks

Starting Date             :          ASAP

A.    Purpose of Assignment:

Desk review report on human trafficking and HIV prevention policies and

B.    Background and Justification:

The trafficking of persons in Indonesia, the fourth most populated
country in the world, is a problem of grave proportions which has
recently received attention from the international community and the
Government of Indonesia (GoI). Indonesia is both a country of source,
transit and origin for trafficking of persons. Data collected from
IOM’s Counter-Trafficking Database indicates that the majorities of
victims trafficked within or out of Indonesia are women and children
trafficked for the purpose of domestic work or sexual exploitation.
Furthermore, in a report by IOM Indonesia it is found that 32 trafficked
people were tested HIV positive out of 2,273 (March 2005 to January

The Asian Women Human Rights Council (AWHRC) has identified the need for
a process-based “Court of Women,” which seeks to look at the
issues related to human trafficking and HIV/AIDS. The court will provide
a forum for women and victims of trafficking across Indonesia to share
their stories and build on the achievements and successes of survivors
as a means of identifying coping strategies to address the issues. A
publication summarizing the national mock court process will then be
distributed throughout Indonesia particularly targeting areas with high
prevalence of trafficking cases.

C.    Scope of Work:

This consultancy is contributing to the joint IOM, UNDP and UNFPA
project on “Court of Women on Trafficking and HIV: From
Vulnerability to Free, Just and Safe Movement.”

The aim of this project is to support the GoI, stakeholders and service
providers, to better address, understand and improve counter-trafficking
interventions and to develop ideas and strategies on how to tackle human
trafficking and HIV/AIDS. The overall objective is to contribute to
enhanced understanding of the increasing vulnerability of women and
girls to trafficking and HIV/AIDS transmission in Indonesia. The project
aims to carry out the following goals: (1) to improve knowledge and
awareness among policy makers and practitioners in the area of
trafficking and HIV/AIDS transmission through analyzing current
legislation and policies; (2) to analyze current interventions (the
anti-trafficking act, national action plans, trainings and workshops to
service providers) and the impact of these on the victims; (3) to
facilitate information sharing, and promote dialogue between rescued
victims of trafficking and practitioners, as a basis for advocacy and
the strengthening of strategies to address these key issues; (4) to
assist in the formulation of concrete and sustainable interventions at
the national, regional and international levels; and (5) to enhance
cooperation and coordination among stakeholders and practitioners to
promote effective action around the issue.

In order to achieve the objectives mentioned above, the tasks to be
carried out by the consultants are as follows:

a.      Develop, write up and present the Study Design (including the
methodology for collecting data) of the Desk Review Process to the
Steering Committee – composed of representatives/experts from UNDP,
UNFPA and IOM for approval.

b.      Desk review on the following:

·        Policies and programmes on human trafficking and HIV/AIDS
throughout Indonesia (with a particular focus on NTB, Bali, and Batam)
and risk of HIV/AIDS transmission.

·        Current practices and procedures on addressing HIV/AIDS as
it relates to human trafficking at both the domestic and international

·        Current Anti-Trafficking legislation and assess the extent
to which current human trafficking policies are addressing the growing
feminization of trafficking and risks of HIV/AIDS.

·        Examples of innovative policy and programmatic interventions
that have already successfully enhanced the positive impact of human
trafficking and the transmission of HIV/AIDS, as well as get input from
NGOs and beneficiaries who have received services.

·        Assessments of partners working on trafficking and HIV/AIDS
in the 3 areas of focus. The assessment will be focusing on type of
assistance, working areas and beneficiaries.

c.      Produce a final assessment report to be presented at the Court
of Women on Trafficking and HIV.

d.      Perform other duties as agreed by the Project Manager (PM).

D.    Work Schedule:

The deadline for the submission of the final report is 13 November 2009.
The Consultant will determine his/her final work schedule in accordance
with his/her study design with the approval of the IOM Programme Manager
for Counter-Trafficking and Labour Migration. It is expected that prior
to its submission, the final report have already been thoroughly
reviewed and inputed by other experts, peers and Government counterparts
in the field of HIV and human trafficking.

E.    Deliverables/End Products/Expected Outputs:

The following are the expected outputs of this consultancy:

a.      Study Design for the Desk Review

b.      Final Assessment Report  on the Desk Review

F.      Payment Schedule:

·    30% of the agreed payment will be paid once the Agreement has
been signed;

·    An additional 30% upon delivering the first draft of the
Assessment Report;

·    40% upon receiving the Final Assessment Report, which has
incorporated IOM’s comments and have been approved by IOM.

G.    Reporting Lines [Type of supervision that will be provided]:

The Consultant is under the direct supervision of the IOM Indonesia
Programme Manager for Counter-Trafficking and Labour Migration.

H.    Consultant’s Work Plan and Official Travel Involved:

The Consultant is expected to be based in Jakarta, Indonesia with
occasional travel to the field to conduct research. Travel outside
Jakarta should be coordinated and approved by the IOM Programme Manager
for Counter-Trafficking and Labour Migration and subject to the travel
and security policies of IOM. All travel cost in relation to the desk
review will be borne by IOM

I.      Consultant’s Work Place:

The work by the consultant will be done from home, however, the
consultant will have access to all the resources available in the
Counter-trafficking Unit.

Administration cost for the consultant shall be borne by IOM as part of
the research cost.

J.      Qualifications or Specialize Knowledge/Experience Required:


Advance university degree in social sciences or public health, or
equivalent experience. Prior specialization in human trafficking and
HIV/AIDS issues with strong research background and analytical skills.


Three years of field level experience working in conducting/drafting
research using migration data and information collected through various
interviews, study tours, etc. Strong experience working with Ministries
and Governmental institutions and senior representatives in charge of
human trafficking and HIV/AIDS policy and implementation would be a
distinct advantage, as well as previous experience working in an
international organization.


Good knowledge of human trafficking and HIV/AIDS issues. Ability to
conceptualize and design research techniques and analyze complex
practices and impacts covering a wide range of issues regarding human
trafficking and HIV/AIDS policies. Proven ability to carry out
policy-oriented research on human trafficking and HIV/AIDS issues.
Ability to prepare research and publications of a high quality and
technically sound with conclusions that are relevant with these issues.

Excellent writing and analysis skills; Good interpersonal and
communications skills. Proven ability to work independently. Personal
commitment, efficiency and drive for results. Ability to work in
multicultural groups. Proven ability to work in a team.


Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia


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