SocMob Consultant

The American Red Cross Social Mobilization and Capacity Building
(SocMob) project work together with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in conducting community-based campaigns on health issues pertaining to the communicable diseases using IEC materials and other activities. Working together with PMI NAD Chapter and seven PMI branches on east coast and west coast as an implementing partner, American Red Cross has a mandate of building the capacity of PMI to design and conduct health projects. Divide one fiscal year into two rounds in one year (each round consist of six months implementation), each round the seven branches need to submit proposal to American Red Cross to get support for their coming program activity. After proposal submission (including review, revision and re-submission), the branches implement their campaigns, which is then reviewed and reported upon.

On the first round,

the branches received several trainings from PMI Headquarters (PMI NHQ, PMI Pusat Jakarta) and ARC. The trainings include Project Planning Process, Communication Training, Finance Training, Information Education and Communication (IEC) material, and Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment. In the Project Planning Process training, branches improve their skills in proposal development.
Certain format and structure of proposal given and some exercises were done.

On the second round,
refresher trainings for all those material were conducted at all seven
branches. Seven proposals developed, and entered the process of approval.

For the third round,

an external consultant for proposal developing will closely direct and supervise the branches, supporting them in every step of the proposal development up to and including the submission of the  proposal to at least one external donor.

We are seeking dynamic individuals to fill the :

POSITION                            :  SocMob Consultant
No ofHired                          :  1  Person
Base of Assignment         : Banda Aceh
Type of contract               :  Professional Services

The overall purpose of this consultancy is to ensure the development of seven high quality proposals and that they are each submitted to an external donor. The consultant will work to build the capacity and improve the proposal development skills for PMI seven branches in the east and west coasts. By working closely with an experienced professional
who will support branches in developing quality proposal, it is expected that
the PMI branches will be able to develop their own proposals for future program activities after the ARC-supported SocMob project finishes. In addition to developing proposal skills, the consultant will ensure that the branches get familiar with the donor website already introduced to them and to support branches up to the submission of their proposal to at least one external donor.
I.          Clients/Audience:
The target audience includes the PMI NAD Chapter
team and PMI Branch SocMob Committee members in all seven branches listed below, and ARC SocMob project staff.
Soc Mob PMI branches for Coaching:
·          Aceh Barat Daya
·          Aceh Selatan
·          Singkil
·          Pidie
·          Lhoksemauwe
·          Aceh Utara
·          Aceh Timur

II.        Statement of Work:
1)          Review draft proposals, determine each branches’
individual capacity for developing proposal and where they need guidance
2)          With input from the ARC and PMI NAD SocMob team, develop
a curricula for each branch to improve their proposal development skills both
in Bahasa and English
3)          Develop a time frame for the proposal development
activity for all seven branches. It is expected that the consultant will spend
approximately three days in each branch.
4)          Help branches to identify potential external donors
using the website, data from donor scanning and information from consultant
5)          Support branches to actually submit their proposal to potential external donor
6)          Attend the SocMob program review and Sustainability
Workshop to gain information about program implementation in branches from
their program presentation
7)          Maintain good communication with ARC Soc Mod, PMI
NAD Chapter and PMI branches by phone and emails about the findings on field
and the progress of activity
8)          Develop report about their field activities, findings and suggestions, both in Bahasa and English
9)          Follow American Red Cross regulations and code of conduct when doing site visits to branches

III.        Key Deliverables:
1)          Presentation of Draft findings to American Red Cross field teams
2)          Seven health project proposals completed and support
branches to submit it to external donors
3)          End of consultancy report as per the format attached

IV.      Management & Team Composition:
The consultant will report to the ARC SocMob Program
Manager, with input from the Sr. Health Delegate and Regional Health Technical Advisor. The Sr. Health Delegate will be responsible for final approval of the deliverables.

V.    External consultant or firm with following
portfolio will be sought to undertake the consultancy

·            Masters degree preferred, or equivalent combination
of education and relevant work experience;
·            At least five years of direct experience in the proposal
developing field including experience designing and implementing programs;
·            Experience in all aspects of educating or coaching
methods to local non-governmental organization
·            Strong organizational and interpersonal skills;
·            Strong computer skills in the areas word
processing, database management;
·            Demonstrated capacity to work both independently
and as part of a team;
·            Excellent written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia and
English required

Preference will be given to the qualified Indonesia  nationals and applicants with specific experience working in the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province  of Indonesia .

Application Procedures:
Interested firms or individuals should send the following

·            A brief description of your firm or institution (for applicants other than individual contractors);
·            Curricula Vitae (CV) for all members of the team applying for consideration;
·            Daily rate quote(s);
·            Example of a proposal submitted to donor that received funding (in English)
·            Three (3) professional references.


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