Senior Community Facilitator

Closing date is  September 30th  2009.

Job Title          : Senior Community Facilitator
Location           : Pulau Nias, Sumatera Utara
Status             : Full time, national staff.


SCF is the mentor, coach and counselor to field staff for
implementing SurfAid activities with communities target.

The SCF is responsible for acting as a bridge between the
Program Manager and the community facilitators (CF) based in the field. The SCF
is also responsible for working closely with Care Groups and community groups
such as representative village groups (RVG) as per program design.

· University degree in Social sciense.
· At least 3 years experience in community empowerment.
· Preferrable has experience in health
· Has capability in facilitation, coaching.
· To supervise and evaluate
· Can speak Nias is preferable
· Speak English is advantage.
· Has capability in communication and accounting
· Has experience in reporting
· Can follow the procedures and work independently.
· Has capability to build good relationship with governmonet bodies if needed.
· Want to to live in sub-district.

Send your current CV and application
letter with code “SCF Health-Nias” to:

SurfAid International
Jl. Diponegoro, Gunung Sitoli, Nias,
Sumatera Utara
Or to :


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